The Toolbox Matrix

Linux comes in many flavours, some of which are tailored to a particular requirement, such as a Home Theatre or a Scientific workstation but there are many many more. Thanks to the pro bono publico work by private individuals and commerce there is a huge range of available applications.

Indeed one of the challenges in using open source is determining just which application to choose. There is a spectrum of competence in the available applications just as there is in the user, fitting one with another is a large part of that challenge.

A selection of the applications, distributions and methods I have become familiar with are represented here. I'm always on the lookout for new ones. Sometimes my hand is forced, as in the change from Evolution, the Outlook replacement eMail client, to Thunderbird.

There is a sort of logic to the layout, in that the Operating system is top left, Hardware bottom right, user space bottom left.

Hover over the logo titles for a brief description.

libreoffice 57
LibreOfficeLibreOffice, a suite of applications, Documents, Spreadsheets, Drawing, Presentations, Database, Math.

linux tux mascot 1
LinuxLinux itself is essentially the Kernel. Issued under a GNU public licence it is possibly the quintessence of open source software. The many varied distributions are based around this Kernel
ubuntu 2
UbuntuUbuntu is my distribution of choice, for both Desktop and Server. Based upon Debian it provides both LTS 'Long term support' and leading edge packages
turnkey 3
TURNKEYTURNKEY based upon Debian/Ubuntu provides a range of ready to go applications in appliance form, 100+ in all.

LTSPLinux Terminal Server project, If you need to deploy set of light weight office machines. Low costs and rebust, here is a solution for you.

clonezilla 5
ClonezillaClonezilla an excellent tool for system cloning or data recovery

ubuntu 13.1
Saucy Salamander Saucy Salamander, Ubuntu 13.1 the latest release, with Unity desktop environment. See for logo and much more.

empty 7
CSS3 and html5When 3 and 5 make 9. CSS3 and html5 the way forward for web development I'm told

shell 8
The ShellThe Shell and the 'command line' You can achieve things here that either can't be done by any other means, or can achieved be so much more efficiently through the shell. It is to the SA what diamonds are to girls!
mint 9
MintMint, a community driven Linux distribution, possibly one of the best places to start if you are coming from Windows.

ubuntuserver 10
Ubuntu ServerUbuntu Server, the foundation upon which many an application is built. No graphical user interface to get in the way, but as usual with Linux there are many ways to remotely control what goes on, on the server.

vinux 11
VinuxI havn't yet installed this version of Linux for the visually impaired.

empty 12

docs 13
DocumentationI have moved the documentation to a page of it's own, where there will be room for reviews and download links or publishers site links.
empty 14

lamp 15
LAMPThe LAMP stack, LINUX Apache,MySQL, PHP is the basic model Web server. Apache the web server itself, MySQL the relational database, PHP the server side scripting language.

scripting 16
ScriptingScripting, possibly more familiar to some as a batch file. Normally the 'shell' is interactive, i.e screen and keyboard but there is much more to it than automating a repetitive task. There are a positive plethora of languages, Pearl, Python, PHP.......

WebminWebmin although not now an Ubuntu official package does an excellent job of easing the SA's job. It's no substitute for a sound knowledge of the OS and command line, it does however bring the day to day admin within reach of the experienced user.
clamav 18
ClamAVClamAV Virus checking is more or less confined to a courtesy to the Windows user, as Linux virie do exist but are confined to the lab. This is not to say that there is no mall-ware directed at Linux systems
backuppc 19
BackuppcBackuppc a backup utility, administered through a Web interface. Capable of backing up Linux and Windows machines. It utilises a pool, such that files repeated across several hosts are only stored once.
samba 20
SAMBASAMBA provides access to files and printers from Windows machines. Integrate a Linux server into an Active Directory domain.

Extplorer 21
ExtplorerExtplorer adds the ability to use a browser to move, copy and delete files on a remote web server.

empty 22

thumb pin 23
Cork boardI have a cork board with a few things that at the moment take my fancy

DLNADLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) seeks for more convenience, choices and enjoyment of your digital content through DLNA Certified® devices .That’s the mantra, but it often fall short, Apple not part of it, and many others have there own take on the standards, which whilst based on public protocols are not openly published, why? I'm using miniDLNA server as reportedly the most DLNA compliant FOSS server.

Wine 25
WineWine, a project to enable the running of Windows applications under Linux

phpmyadmin 26
PhpMyAdminAn exeptional way to administer MySQL without getting the hands too dirty

egroupware 27
eGroupwareeGroupware will provide a collaborative environment in the same sort of way that MS Exchangege Server and Outlook will, and MORE. Email, Calendar, Address book, Wiki,Incident ticket, see their web site. I can't offer this at the moment as I'm still getting to grips with it.

QR codes 28
QR CodesQR Codes, kind of neat. Got to be usefull for something

tonido 29
TonidoCloud computing you own and control

virtualbox 30
VirtualboxOracle's Virtualbox is one of the applications that enable the guesting of one or more Operating Systems within the installed host. In some ways an alternative to Wine

Information Assurance 31
Information AssuranceIt would not be true to say that Information Assurance processes, methods and behaviours are not applicable to the home user. An individual may not require a formal Asset register but the assessment of risk and what one is going to do about it is just as valid. It might be 'somebody stole our customer database', or 'all of the photographs are gone'.... pitty about the cheesy DoD icon!

gargoyle 32
GargoyleRouter management utility

gallery 33
Gallery3Gallery is a Web based photo gallery. Run it on your Intranet if you require collaborative storage and display of photographs.

joomla 34
JoomlaJoomla a CMS (Content Management Sysytem) If you need a web site and want to do it yourself, and want more than a blog site. This may be the way to go. Steep learning curve at first,as I'm finding out !

Bluefish editor 35
BluefishBluefish is a powerful text editor targeted towards the programmer and web designer

Eldy 36
EldyEldy, an Italian FOSS project to provide computing to the elderly or beginner. Simplicity is a commercial fork

putty 40
puttyHolds the glass into Windows, and is a SSH and TELNET client. For Windows Mac and Linux

Filezilla 38
FilezillaA fine utility for moving files, populating web sites etc.

Dansguardian 39
DansgardianDansgardian content filtering

gufw 24
ChanceFirewall admin gui

Audacity 41
AudacityAudacity, covers many of the run of the mill audio recording and editing tasks

Darktable 42
DarktableDarktable when you want the best from your digital photographs working in RAW is essential
alternatives 43
linuxalt.comListing of alternatives to well known MS Windoze programs

Bluegriffon 44
BluegriffonWeb Editor based on the rendering engine of Firefox

Simple Help 45
Simple-HelpI am using Simple-Help to provide remote login and support to the user, this works with MS Windows, Mac, and Linux

Asterisk 46
AsteriskAsterisk, a communications server, a ipPBX, VOIP gateway.
HTS 47
HTSHTS a streaming server for DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-C, DVB-T, ATSC, IPTV, and a PVR, web based control
empty 48
Scribus 49
Scribus Scribus, Desk top publishing for all those flyers and leaflets.

The Gimp 50
The GimpThe Gimp, a graphics/photo editing application along the lines of Photoshop; similarly it has a steep learning curve but rewards perserverance.

Inkscape 51
InkscapeAn Open Source vector graphics editor, with capabilities similar to Illustrator, CorelDraw, or Xara X

Qcad 52
Qcad2D CAD package that comes as a paid for or community package. Good documentation and tutorials available

SketchUp 53
SketchUpGoogle Sketch up runs just fine under Wine and makes a first rate 3D modeling tool for those house and garden projects.

simple screen recorder 54
SimpleScreenRecorderAn efficient way to record the screen and audio commentary.

Linux on Laptops 55
Linux LaptopsLinux on Laptops and just about anything else, in truth there are many sites with information but it may take a bit of digging.

ups 56
UPSThe Uninteruptable Power Supply, depending upon how deep your pockets are, they range from little more than filters to a full blown on-line monster. Integration into the server shutdown regime is critical to data integrity.

Kexi 58
KexiKexi is an open source data management application, a long-awaited competitor for programs like MS Access or Filemaker.

thunderbird email client 59
ThunderbirdThe Thunderbird email client has replaced Evolution as the Ubuntu default. It has a huge range of add-ons, sync with gMail for instance. The Lightening extension turns it into a full blown PIM.

gnucash 60
GnucashGnucash accounting package for personal and small business use.

libreplan 61
LibreplanLibreplan a project planner with a web gui. SOHO/SME use I would say. I've no experience of it other than the basic install, looks promising.There is community support which looks active.

Mikrotik 62
MikroTikMikroTik the purveyor of well priced Network hardware to challenge the big boys

IPMIIPMI Intelligent Platform Management Interface, if you have a server that is mission critical then out of band management is if not a must, a very nice to have.

Hardware 64
HardwareThe coices here are as varied as with the sotware. Bespoke devices using solar energy, consumer devices such as WiFi routers, all running Linux